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Achieved a Click Through Rate of 34% generating a number of new sales
5X more sales.
Return on Investment of 200%
Social shares by network


Increase traffic and conversions.


A improvement on the already existing digital marketing framework that included:

  • Developing a comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Build up an online marketing campaign
  • Run paid campaigns
  • Social media marketing


We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 34%, which generated a number of new sales. Leading to more revenue. We also achieved a 200% ROI. This is an ongoing campaign and it has been successful so far.

34% CTR

5X more sales.

200% ROI

From The Client

“We have been impressed by the hardworking and talented team at SixDigital. They have set ambitious goals and have so far achieved their targets. There customer service is excellent and we look forward working with them.”

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